"When your patients tell you they love coming to the Austin, you know you’re working in the right place. I’ve been at the Austin since I was a clinical school student and have not left since; I’m a general HMO2 this year. I think there is a wonderful culture of wanting to provide quality medical care without pretention. The nursing staff are dedicated and knowledgeable, many of the registrars are keen on teaching and the weekly education sessions for the interns and HMOs are relevant, interesting and a great time to catch up with peers. The administration staff also do a very good job of being fair with rosters and making timetables available early on. I’m yet to meet anyone who’s regretted coming to work at the Austin; I think it’s a great place for any junior doctor to start a career."

 Dr Lily Ho-Le

HMO2 General


'The Austin in one word is 'welcome'. Its friendly environment has been one of the things that has made the Austin the hospital of choice for me. It has been the road along which I've travelled from medical student to intern to resident. Now, I am undertaking my specialty training in Emergency Medicine at the Austin, which is one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Victoria. Despite the busy and sometimes hectic environment, my learning has been exponential, facilitated by a strong sense of teamwork and the leadership and guidance demonstrated by our Consultants and Registrars. If I could do it all again, I'd still be here!'

Dr Joe-Anthony Rotella
Emergency Medicine Trainee


'The Austin provides a supportive and welcoming environment for its junior doctors. The senior medical staff are friendly, approachable and keen to teach. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team that values the contribution of each member and not only encourages, but helps you to expand your knowledge and skills and participate in extra activities such as research, all while providing an outstanding level of service to the community'.

Dr Ryma Terbah
HMO2 Medical


"As a medical student, intern and now surgical HMO, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Austin and have found it a fantastic place to work. There are many interesting rotations in medical, surgical and critical care streams, which combine to provide a well-rounded foundation for future training in any specialty. The combination of excellent clinical resources, enthusiastic senior medical staff with a commitment to education and training, provides many opportunities for relevant clinically-based training and skill development. The welcoming and friendly working environment, supportive medical workforce unit and active HMO society make The Austin a great place to work."


Ben Birch

HMO2 Surgical