Why Austin Health


Austin Health is a major tertiary health service situated in the north-east of Melbourne. It is at the forefront of providing quality health services along with internationally acclaimed research opportunities and state of the art health education opportunities. Alongside this, there is a firm commitment to the community of providing community hospital services to its local community. During 2011 - 2012, a record 99,552 inpatients and 186,485 outpatients and 68,168 emergency attendances were treated by over 8045 staff.

Austin Health prides itself on providing high quality patient care to a diverse multicultural population, a significant veteran community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people along with its local, rural and interstate communities. We provide an extensive range of medical, surgical and mental health services, a comprehensive range of specialist outpatient services and significant outreach services.
Many state-wide services are located at Austin Health, including the Victorian Liver Transplant Service, the Victorian Respiratory Support Service, the Victorian Spinal Cord Service and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. These services not only attract patients state-wide but also include those who travel from interstate to utilise the expert knowledge and facilities.


Medical Staff at Austin Health

In 2014, Austin Health had an overall intake of 61 interns. Unlike past years, all of these interns are based at Austin Health and will spend at least four of their five rotations at the Austin Health site. There is also the opportunity for a number of interns to rotate to a rural hospital for one of their five rotations. Whilst the interns no longer rotate to the Northern Hospital, those who stay at Austin to PGY2 and above still have the same great opportunity to rotate to Northern Health, providing a varied and valuable experience for their ongoing medical training needs.

Austin Health provides exceptional support to all its junior medical staff. This is particularly evident at the intern level with protected training time each week to attend the intern training sessions which are conducted through the Clinical Education Unit.   The Clinical Education Unit is a first for Victorian Teaching Hospitals, integrating the learning and teaching environments for all types of staff involved in providing patient care.  This integration is expected to lead to better teamwork in the actual work environment and to better outcomes for patients.

The rotations on offer at Austin Health for interns meet all the core requirements for intern training, as well as some unique and popular non-core opportunities. These include rotations in stroke medicine, endocrinology and rheumatology, cardiac surgery, ENT/Head and Neck Surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, the Liver Transplant Unit, Radiology and one rotation through the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM), which has been in place since 2010.  All of these rotations provide valuable experience into the work life of some popular specialties, and have assisted in helping clarify career pathways for many of our interns.
The number of intern positions for the 2015 intake of Austin Health interns is expected to remain at 61, unless additional positions are made available through the Department of Health.  If additional positions are made available, the website will be updated to reflect this information.



Our Values and Vision

Our values guide our behaviour and we will ensure our values underpin all of our actions.

Integrity - we exercise honesty, candour and sincerity 

Accountability - we are transparent, responsible and answerable 

Respect - we treat others with dignity, consideration, equality and value 

Excellence - we continually strive for excellence



Austin Health will be
renowned for excellence
and outstanding leadership
in healthcare, research
and education.