Austin Health will be recruiting 62 interns in 2019. Key to the continued success of our program is the support and care given to our interns across the vital introduction to working in the hospital system.
Austin Health provides a comprehensive orientation and ongoing education program for all our interns, and have well supported peer and mentor programs in place to support the transition from medical student to intern.

Austin Health also has in place a unique role for our interns; the intern support officer. This innovative position provides "real-time" support to our interns in their first week of after hours and weekend work from someone who has just completed their internship, and so understands the job that an intern needs to do.


Before you Apply

At Austin Health we are dedicated to attracting the best possible candidates to work with us in 2019 and beyond.  We are hoping to attract those who embody our Austin Health values and who are committed to working closely within a team environment to achieve best quality patient care.

Our application process helps us to select those individuals whom will be best suited to working at Austin Health.  In particular we are looking for candidates who:

  • Embody Austin Health values
  • Work well within a team environment, particularly within a multidisciplinary setting
  • Have well developed communication skills
  • Are interested in research and teaching
  • Have interests and achievements outside of the medical field/community focus
  • Are interested in a future career at Austin Health

Applications will open on 1st May 2018 and close on 1st June 2018. Please ensure you lodge your application during this time as late applications will not be considered.

Intern applicants who are successfully shortlisted will be invited via email to select an interview time. Interviews will be conducted from 12th June 2018 until 20th June 2018.

Application Forms